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02/05/06: Lleida – Jaca – Javier – Oiartzun

Day 1: Here, everything starts. We got up early, because the bus left at half past seven. When I arrive at Camp d’ Esports all of the people have a smile in their face. I thing that I don’t have to say, why.
The travel was by bus, and it was so long, and everything was good to enjoy the time, music, films...After 3 hours we arrived to the first place, Jaca. It was a nice place, we visited the Ciudadela of Jaca, a fortification called castle of San Pedro. After the visit we had free time to walk around the city and to saw few animals that were around the Ciudadela. Some students went to the Cathedral of Jaca too. But I preferred to stay relaxing outside. We had lunch in a park of Jaca.
At half past four we were arriving to Javier, a nice place where we had to visit a castle, the castle of Javier. This castle was built in century X, reformed in centuries XII and XIII, around year 1300, and later in century XV. In 1516 it was destroyed by the order of Cardenal Cisneros. In 1223 it belonged to the king of Aragon and in 1236 it went to hands of the king of Navarre. In century XVI it was property of the father of San Francisco Javier, and in this castle was born San Francisco Javier, cofounder, with San Ignacio de Loyola, the Company of Jesus.
At 20:00 we arrived at the hotel, there after the teachers distributed the rooms to us, we went to have supper, and later we returned to the rooms to put everything in its site. We visited the other rooms and after a moment of staying with some friends, at about 00:30 we went to sleep, because the next day was waiting us.

03/05/06: Oiartzun – San Sebastià – Hondarribia - Oiartzun

Day 2: The second day started, we got up early, so you can imagine our face. Somebody went down to have breakfast, I ate cereals with milk. We arrived at San Sebastià at ten o’clock. San Sebastià was the city that I liked more. It was absolutely beautiful. When we arrived the museum was closed, so we decided to go for a walk around the city, I went to the beach of “la Concha”, a magnify place, there we take some photos, and some even went to the water to swim. I can say that the water was very very cold.
Somebody phoned me, was the teacher, who said that we had to go to the museum because that was already open. So we went to San Telmo Museum, and old convent changed to a museum in 1932, is declared historical monument. It maintains a permanent collection of archaeology in the ground floor, and some interesting things about the ancient times of Navarra in the first floor. In my opinion I didn’t like the museum, because the guide didn’t express herself correctly.
We returned to the hotel in Oiartzun to have lunch, after that, we came to the rooms to sleep sometime, it was a busy morning. At 18:00 o’clock we went by bus to Hondarribia, where was a nice beach, like San Sebastian. We had a lot of time, we played football with a local people, and after we went to the beach to take the sun, and to enjoy the time. Later, we did a sand castle, it can be a stupid thing but I enjoyed very much the moment. When we were so tired we decided to go into the water, we put all the hands together and running we went into the cold water. At half past nine we returned to Oiartzun to have supper and to go to sleep.

04/05/06: Oiartzun – Bilbao – Cestona – Loiola - Oiartzun

Day 3: The third day was a little boring. We got up late, because we didn’t hear the alarm clock, so we didn’t have time to have breakfast. When we went down, all the people were waiting me and my room friends. When we arrived to Bilbao, we went to visit the famous Museum Guggenheim of Bilbao, the building was designed by the North American architect Frank O. Gehry, this unique Museum built on a 32,500 square meter site in the center of Bilbao represents an amazing construction feat. One time into, the guide explained some history about the museum and after he showed us a permanent collection created by Richard Serra.

I liked very much a cat made with flowers outside the museum, it was a curious thing. In the afternoon we had to go to St. Ignasi Loiola’s house in Loiola. We had lunch in Cestona, a little town. After lunch we arrived to Loiola to saw the Basilica and the house that one day saw for first time Loiola. There a nun showed us everything, and our group of the Credit de Sintesis put ourselves to work, taking photos and taking notes from which it was explained to us.
After like the other days, we returned to the hotel in Oiartzun, and after dinner, and watching TV, we went to sleep. I can say that this day, Barcelona won the Spanish league. Everybody was happy about that.

05/05/06: Oiartzun – Vitòria – Lleida.

Day 4: That was unfortunately the last day, we got up and after breakfast we returned the room’s keys to the receptionist. Before to return home, we went to Vitoria. It was an old city, very popular for its history and tradicion. The guide showed us a monument of a war that had happened in Vitoria in ancient times, the battle of the independence of Spain. We went for a walk throught the streets, and finally to a very famous square: The Spanish Square.
We didn’t had a lot of free time there because a long trip was waiting us. At 13:00 o’clock we left Vitoria, and we went to a hostal to have lunch. I can remember that we ate soup, fish and a apple for dessert. When everybody finished we continued the trip to Lleida. In the bus we spoke about he things and the feeling that we had had. At at approximately 8 o’lock we arrived in Lleida, all the anxious parents were waiting us, they wanted to see us after those four days without their sons and daughters. I can say that I enjoyed very much the time in the Pais Vasc. And I want to come back there when it’s possible.

Gerard Domingo
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